This oughta warm the heart…

Further evidence the world is doomed…

“Two dozen young men and women toting backpacks and brochures mill around cardiologist P.L. Tiwari’s office in Bombay Hospital, waiting up to 90 minutes for an opportunity to see him. They aren’t there for checkups. They want to persuade the Mumbai doctor to prescribe their employers’ brands of prescription drugs.”

Yet another country addicted to prescription drugs but if anyone knows a way to make money on this trend, by all means, let us know(is this hypocritical?). Definitely not interested in the drug makers, to much risk, but the company that makes the bottles and packaging? now you’re talking.

And how about one more for good measure…

“When the Roundup system first came out, to a farmer this was the best thing that ever happened,” says Cariker, who used the labor-saving technology to double his planted acreage, to 5,000. “Farmers thought we had died and gone to heaven.”

Not exactly: It turns out the widespread use of Roundup has led to the evolution of far-tougher-to-eradicate strains of weeds.

Do you see that fucking weed!? This is old news and surprising to no one who’s ever heard of Monsanto and Roundup but still quite unbelievable. You don’t need to be a genius to extrapolate out the trend here.  Forget the premise in the article that you should feel  bad for Monsanto because Dow might eat into their profits(someone call the waaaa-mbulance).  Farmers will become ever more reliant(cha-ching$$$) on newly developed “formulas” of Roundup and other chemicals to kill the Godzilla weeds that are killing their crops. When will it stop? Probably when the weeds become sentient beings and kill the farmers.


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