A bit of Sunday afternoon humor…

When Kevin Costner is finally revered as a clairvoyant genius for producing Water World, we may all look back on this moment as the turning point in world history….

Merkel’s Party Defeated in Berlin as Social Democrats Retain State in Vote

The Greens took 18.4 percent, their best-ever result in the city, and the Left 11.5 percent, meaning that the current SPD- Left coalition cannot return to power. The SPD can now choose to govern with either the Greens or the CDU as junior coalition partner.  The Pirate Party, which campaigned on open access to technology and Internet freedom, took 8.9 percent to win its first seats in any legislature in Germany’s 16 states.

The Pirate Party? This is getting out of hand.  In all seriousness, it’s fairly meaningless but still shows that some progressive( and probably poorer) folks in Berlin are frustrated.  We’ll have to watch this trend closely though, an uptick in scurvy cases could spell more serious trouble for Merkel at the polls.



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