$52 million for what?

Preface: Other than the fact that this story is from BBG, it’s pretty off topic. We’re also not trying to offend anybody but…are you kidding me?

“Calvin Wilson goes from one corporate boardroom to another, pleading for donations to finish a memorial to his brother-in-law, LeRoy W. Homer Jr., and 39 others who died on Sept. 11, 2001, when their hijacked flight crashed into a Pennsylvania field. Tears often roll down Wilson’s cheeks as he makes the pitch. Even after years of fundraising efforts by Wilson and family members of others who died on United Airlines Flight 93, co-piloted by Homer, donations have fallen $10 million short of organizers’ $62 million goal, leaving the memorial incomplete.”

We wouldn’t donate anything to this either. They’ve spent apparently $52 million building a memorial out in the middle of no-where Pennsylvania? $52 million? what a waste. Are we being insensitive? Why not setup an ongoing foundation or charity and give $$ in the victim’s names to things they cared about. Case in point, LeRoy W. Homer Jr. was a pilot, he had the opportunity to make a solo flight at 16? give that opportunity to a few less fortunate kids. Instead, now there’s a $52 million monument that isn’t going to help anybody. Great way to make the world a better place, huh? Surely corporations have given to causes less worthy and far greater sums of money have been wasted(atleast half the defense budget) but this is the story at hand today.

EDIT: Well after a quick search there is a LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Scholarship fund that’s doing exactly what we said above, which is wonderful, but doesn’t change the premise of our opinion on the memorial site.


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