The 2,500% that could have been…

not even annualized…just a straight percentage. See, we purchased some way out of the money Sept. 17 103 puts on the SPY a few weeks back. We’ve been pretty bearish the last 3-6 months. At the time they were trading at .13 or so… we flipped them at .20 bought back in…flipped them again around .20

As things deteriorated the last 2 weeks and the debt ceiling debate raged on we were tempted to double down and buy back in HEAVY. This was an avid discussion not a whimsical what if scenario. Alas, we opted against it. Those options are now trading at $3.35. That’s low teens cents to $3.35. A missed opportunity of well over 2,000% in a few weeks. This would have been HUGE.

Missed opportunities in trading are part of the game. “shoulda, woulda, coulda” as they say. To all those who lost their shirts the last few days or missed out on huge opportunities like us…stay clear headed, forward looking, nimble and patient. Change and volatility create opportunities. find them.


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