Please do yourself a favor and short LNKD today. Currently trading at 98+ up 4% so far on the day. It’s a bit high risk as the euphoria(short covering) could go on if the market decides to rebound next week. But this will see sub 90.00 at some point in the near future and IMO will undoubtedly be back at $75.

8/7/11 Update by 1689Capital…
well, that was a bumpy ride. And as suspected was quite risky(for us that’s ok). We’re not here to toot our own horns and as such we’ll say this latest short was covered at an insignificant loss earlier last week.

However, the original call remains and LNKD did trade well below 90 on Friday. Unfortunately for us we covered too soon. The levitation in the stock is quite unbelievable and we didn’t quite have the patience to stick with it. This was a short term trade and started bumping up against our time frame.

we will continue to assess the merits of LNKD as a short in the 110-120 range.